meat1-copyOur pigs are pastured on portions of the farm’s hay fields that will be converted to vegetable crop production in the coming seasons, as our farm expands. Purchased in the spring as piglets from other local farmers, they are fed a diet of non-medicated Poulin grain (made in Vermont), surplus milk from a local dairy operation, and extra vegetables from the garden, plus whatever grass, insects and grubs they find in their inevitable sod excavations.

Our pigs average 250 pounds hanging weight at slaughter, which yields approximately 150 pounds of finished, packaged meat per pig, or roughly 4 full cardboard “banana boxes.” The finished pork is cut into chops, roasts, country style ribs, bacon, hams and sausage, with the option for more custom by special request.

Our finished pork is sold in bulk, in quantities of whole animals, halves and quarters. The price is $6.00/hanging weight pound, which translates to roughly $9.25/lb of finished meat (I calculate the price by the hanging weight to meet the letter of the law, but provide the rough finished weight price so that you can compare it more easily to store prices of naturally raised meat). The final weight of each animal determines the exact total price, but an average cost estimate would look like this:

quarter pig=60 pounds hanging weight=35 pounds finished meat=$360

half pig=125 pounds hanging weight=70 pounds finished meat=$750

whole pig=250 pounds hanging weight=140 pounds finished meat=$1500

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