Our dorset/fresian/tunis cross lambs are grass-fed on the abundant pasture at the farm, with supplemental minerals and Vermont made Poulin grain to add a bit more flavorful fat and keep them trained for pasture moving days. The mix of forage grasses, clover, and vetch in our pastures yields an especially tender and tasty meat.

lamb-smallOur lamb hanging weights average in the 40 pound range, yielding finished weights of about 25 pounds, or roughly a full brown paper shopping bag. The lambs are packaged as shoulders and legs (bone in or boneless/butterflied), chops, rack/ribs, stew/ground, and shanks, and can be customized further by special request.

Finished lambs are sold as whole or half animals. The price is $7.5/lb hanging weight, or roughly $11.55/lb of finished meat. The final weight of each animal determines the exact total price, but an average cost estimate would look like this:

half lamb=20 pounds hanging weight=12.5 pounds finished meat=$150

whole lamb=40 pounds hanging weight=25 pounds finished meat=$300

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