What is a CSA?

slider13CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a model of local food distribution in which customers purchase a “share” of a farm up-front at the beginning of each season and then receive weekly portions of produce all summer long. Under this model the customers, often called “members” or “shareholders,” enter into a meaningful relationship with the people, places and practices that grow their food.

IMG_20140701_124420525_HDRFor the shareholder, CSA offers a wide variety of the freshest local produce, the opportunity to be more directly engaged with the origin of their food, and the satisfaction of helping to build their community’s local economy, often with the added benefit of cost savings compared to retail food prices. In 2015 our shareholders received more than 40% value bonus compared to the equivalent quantity of produce purchased at the grocery store.

aboutFor the farmer, CSA offers a guaranteed market and an up-front payment schedule at the beginning of the season, when most of the costs of food production are incurred.

Shareholder and farmer join together to share the risks and benefits of a year of farming; building a stronger local agricultural landscape for their community to enjoy.


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